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What is smart lighting?

What is smart lighting?

Smart lighting is a straightforward concept to understand. Basically, it’s lighting connected to the internet that you can control through your phone with an app or with your voice through the use of a smart speaker. And it’s not only a way to turn the lights on and off!!

With a smart globe, you can switch the colour temperature from a bright to warm, change the mood with multiple colours and command the lights to dim. 

Imagine if you had automated lighting twenty-four seven. You could schedule your lights to turn on and off at any given time of the day. Hate your alarm? You can even program your lights to wake you up with soft lighting that gradually becomes brighter. 

After you’ve had a big day, and you’re ready to chill, you can program the light to dim and become softer slowly. It’s also a great way to calm active children. You will have peace of mind when you’re away on holidays by programming your lights to turn on at given times to make it look like someone is home. 

Are smart lights expensive to install? Do I need new fittings? 

Not at all. The beauty of smart lighting is that you don’t need to buy any new fittings for your home. Smart globes will fit any lights you already have whether it’s a kitchen light, bedroom light, bathroom light or even a lamp. 

Getting your first smart globe 

Smart lighting can indeed be a life-changing event, and if you’re a little nervous or skeptical, the best thing to do is to buy one single bulb and try it out for yourself. Screw the globe into any fitting you have at home, connect it to your Wi-Fi through the app, and start to check out its amazing features. 

Change the colour temperature of the room from cool to warm, dim the lights. You can get insanely creative with smart globes having over 15 million colour options at your fingertips!

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