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Pre-Purchase Inspection

We Offer Pre-Purchase Electrical Inspections

Be confident when you invest in your new home that there are no electrical issues that could cost you thousands to repair!

Pre-purchase electrical inspection aims to reduce the uncertainty of whether the current electrical wiring and apparatus within a dwelling meet Australian Standards.
The inspection can identify hazardous electrical apparatus that may need immediate repair prior to the purchase of a property. This is advantageous as the result will reveal costs associated with the repairs needed, and this can be used within negotiations for the property. For example, if the property is in need of a re-wire, the cost can escalate to thousands of dollars. These inspections are just as important as the Pest and Building Inspections that are currently undertaken due to the potential safety issues that may be present.

Protect You and Your Family and make sure your home is safe.


A Pre-purchase electrical inspection must be undertaken by a fully qualified licensed electrician. 

Kraft Electrical's first priority is to ensure that the property's electrical system is safe. We will document and provide our customers with a report on the findings and what recommendations and actions should take place. The report will also identify areas that were not accessible on the day of inspection.

Our Pre-Purchase Inspection covers:

  • The Meter Board and Components Within
  • Safety Switch Test
  • Main Earthing System
  • Identify Outdated or Sub Standard Wiring
  • Smoke Alarm Test
  • Roof Space Inspection of Wiring
  • Subfloor Inspection of Wiring
  • Assessment of Internal and External Electrical Fittings
  • Solar System Testing and Compliance Checks
  • Sub-Board Checks
  • Identify Obvious DIY Electrical Work
  • Compliance Information
  • Photo Evidence to Support the Assessment

Kraft Electrical can also provide you with an itemised quote to rectify the issues free of charge. Here you will have the confidence that issues have been highlighted prior to the purchase of the property.

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