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Solar System Maintenance

Get the most out of your solar system

Do you know how well your solar panels are performing? Having a clean and service can increase their efficiency by up to 25%!

"Why is it important to clean and service my panels?"

Maintaining your Solar System well, that is having your panels professionally cleaned and components checked on a regular basis will ensure you maximise both productivity and the lifespan of your system.

Obviously, the dirtier your panels are the worst they perform, you can gain anywhere from 10% to 25% more efficiency just by cleaning your panels on a regular basis. So how often should you clean your panels? Well, that largely depends on where your property is located, if you live on or near a busy road then once every 6 months would be ideal. If you live in a quieter area where you aren't affected as much by passing vehicles throwing up dust then once a year will suffice.


What's included in a Kraft Electrical Service & Clean?

A Kraft Electrical Service & Clean is a comprehensive service checking all potential failure points to ensure that all parts are in good safe working order. Further, we test the voltage and current to ensure all components are working as per manufacturer specifications. If components are not working to the manufacturer's specifications we will help you process a warranty claim and replace the relevant faulty component. Included in the Service & Clean is the following;

Technician testing a control panel with electric measurement instrument
  1. Inspecting and testing the Inverter
  2. Testing the operating current at the DC input
  3. Testing the operating voltage at the DC input
  4. Testing the open circuit voltage of the array at the inverter
  5. Checking panels for damage and faults
  6. Checking panels remain secure and all clamps are still in place
  7. Checking for and ensuring that no cables have become exposed
  8. Checking rooftop isolators are in good condition
  9. Checking the Solar AC Breaker is in good condition and functional
  10. Cleaning all panels with a purpose made solution that is effective but gentle on the panels.

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