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Door Entry Systems CLASSE 300X13E


The CLASSE 300X13E is a brand new video internal unit that allows you to transform your home into a connected smart home. The unit can either be controlled in the home or by using your smartphone.

Combining modernity and innovation, the CLASSE 300X13E connects the internal video unit with your smartphone. Through the app, this allows you to manage the video door entry calls in an innovative and functional way. It features a wide 7″ Touchscreen display and is ideal for all clients who care about technology and innovation.

Whether you’re inside or outside the home, you will be able to manage calls, open the gate, activate the camera or operate the timed garden lights. This allows you to always be in contact with your home.

‘Here’s a quick list of what else you can do with the CLASSE 300X13E Door Entry System:

CALL HOME DIRECTLY – Keep in touch with anyone who’s at home. Your smartphone is an intercommunicating terminal with your internal video unit.

OPEN THE HOME GATE – Lost your gate radio control? No problem, open the gate with your smartphone.

SEE WHAT’S HAPPENING AT HOME – Extra security for your home. Activate using your smartphone the external and internal cameras connected to your video door entry system.

SWITCH ON THE LIGHT OR WATER THE GARDEN – Out on holiday? Comfortably activate the garden watering and switch the lights on directly from your smartphone.

The CLASSE 300X13E is a fantastic choice of Door Entry Systems as it combines unique and innovative style with advanced technology which allows absolute freedom and peace of mind.

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