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Frequently Asked Questions
Here you will find answers to some of the more commonly asked Electrical Service related questions.
Can I cover my new LED downlights with ceiling insulation?
It depends on the rating of your downlights. They must be iC4 Rated for use around insulation.
At what stage of the build will I need an electrician to come and rough-in the electrical?
The best time for an electrician to rough-in is at the lock-up stage. This is prior to any installation of internal sheeting.
Is getting/installing solar worthwhile?
Absolutely! There are a lot of horror stories out there but when done correctly, you CAN enjoy free (or very cheap) power for as long as the system is maintained.
Can any electrician install security systems and cameras?
No, not every electrician, the electrician/installer must hold a special licence that is issued by the NSW Government. This means that the holder has been checked by the NSW Police Commissioner and has all their details on record. Yes we have that licence ;)
What size solar system do I need?
Many variables can impact the overall benefit of a solar system. We typically aim to eliminate a bill, to achieve this, a good rule of thumb is to round your bill to the nearest hundred. Double it and take the first number. This is roughly the size you will need in kW's to eliminate your bill. Ex. $290 bill, round to $300, double to $600, a 6kW system is ballpark what you will need to achieve a $0 bill.
Will I need to go to a lighting specialist to have a lighting plan detailed for my new build?
Not at all. As trained and qualified electricians, we all have studied lighting and can design a layout for you. You then have the freedom to purchase lights from any reputable lighting manufacturer or supplier.
Can I retro fit some automated lighting to my home?
That's a big yes! There are more and more products now available that will allow you to automate your home without a complete automated system.
How often should I clean and service my solar system?
Your system should be serviced and cleaned at least annualy. In some cases, you may need to clean your panels every 6 months. This applies if your panels are installed flat or, your system is near the coast or a busy/dirt road.
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All Electrical work must be done by a qualified licensed electrician.